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❤Welcome to Gina Noel's Blog! ❤

Regina ("Gina") is currently a Pre-Health Professional student, studying Biomedical Laboratory Science at Michigan State University. She loves Jesus Christ & wants to one day share Christ with the healthcare field! Gina is also an aspiring writer, and believes it is her God-given gift!

Gina believes it can be difficult for any individual to "find their way." A woman especially. We often don't know how to cope with the trials and tribulations that life brings about in the way God intended.  

We often feel alone in the world and turn to other means of comfort, such as: men, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. God is all we need. He is a healer and makes us whole. He is our joy and peace in sadness.

Life would be more meaningful if we just say, "Yes, Lord." It is often difficult to do so because it means one has to completely surrender all things. Men and women often do not want to give God what he requires because we are stuck in our own ways, and fear He'll take everything we hold dear, from us. The bible teaches us to trust in God with ALL our heart and to lean not to our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).

Gina is committed to following Christ wholeheartedly and sharing Christ with those she encounters. She especially wishes to encourage those women who are having a difficult time dealing with relationships. Those relationships with individuals that are not fruitful and not pleasing to God. Letting go sometimes is difficult, Gina understands this. However, after allowing God to move in her own life& relationships, reveal some important things to her, Gina gained understanding and wisdom; she believes that God always has a plan and wishes to lead us in EVERY area of our life.

Women must truly understand how God intended for a man to love a woman and if we sincerely understood His holy intentions, we would never except anything less.

Vowing to truly be a woman after God's own heart.


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