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Insane Relationships♥

For a moment, I want you to really think about all the relationships (past or present) that you (myself included) have put all this time and energy into. The relationships that are purposeless and have no real VALUE, yet we pour into them as if our very life depends on it. Have you ever heard of the word...INSANITY? It can be defined as extreme foolishness, irrationality; but the most simple way to put it is:  INSANITY IS DOING THE EXACT SAME THING OVER & OVER...EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS.Insanity is most evident in...RELATIONSHIPS. Many of us run back to our past, what was comfortable & familiar, and we deal with the same things over and over and over...yet nothing changes. The relationship where he comes home late almost every night, you don't trust him at all & he doesn't trust you, where he sleeps around on you every now & then, you two break up & make up, he abuses alcohol, uses drugs, abuses you, uses you, manipulates you, steals from you...You might…

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