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So...He Goes To Church?

You know how we can be sometimes ladies. "Oh! Girl I got me a good one! He has a good job, he's educated, focused, AND he goes to church EVERY Sunday!

The sad thing is-Sinners go to church too. I'm talking about people, who claim to love God, who go to church, and continue to sin knowingly. Worship has become routine and on Sundays, they go to church. It's. Just. What. They. Do.

Prior to me truly surrendering to God, I had always preferred a man that went to church on Sundays. Yeah he could still sleep with me before marriage, but as long as he went to church on Sundays...I considered him a good guy. Because having sex wasn't a terrible thing, right? Because if I'm pleasing him, he won't go looking else where, right? Because he's the one who basically forced me to go to church, so he's going to eventually want to do things the right way, right? Because if he's attending church, praise & worshiping, he's got to know a thing…

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