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The Heart of a Heart Break

Have you ever had your heart broken? You feel at your lowest point. He hurt you. How dare he do that to you. I remember thinking to myself: WHY...WHEN..
| I loved you. I loved you with every bit of me. I gave you everything, I gave you all of me. More than I have ever given to any other man. What about our history? What about the things you promised me. Marriage? A family? And then you just walk out of my life and leave me to pick up the pieces. I'm mad! I hate you. How could you do this to me? I thought we said forever...| Sound familiar ladies? We've all had our stay at the heartbreak hotel. Now let's be honest-Who is really at fault here? YOU or HIM? Did you both enter onto a ship that only had one final destination?

When I think back to my own heartbreak(s), I had this very conversation bouncing between my "soulish man" and my "spirit man.":

| Gina! Are you really mad? The bible tell us what a good man is, it talks about how the steps of a good man a…

"Babies R'US" in Christ

Think about a baby. Babies are so adorable. Full of beauty, life, and laughter. Unaware of the trials and tribulations that dare to destroy that very beauty, life, and laughter. They're so cute and cuddly! How can one really have anger toward a baby? It's aBABY! Innocence exudes from their very eyes and I believe it is what draws us (adults) to babies the most.

We try to teach babies right from wrong. What to do and what not to do. How to behave and how not to behave. As parents, it is the ultimate duty to instill these types of things in babies and they are to develop as they become toddlers, and so on. Let's say you teach your child that taking things that don't belong to them is wrong. As a baby (say an 8-month old), they're going to grab whatever is in front of them and try to eat it. Why? Because they do not know any better. Let's say this same baby is now 5. I would think they understand this concept a little bit better, however, you still let them slide.…

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