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Think back to the first time you fell in love. Who said it first? You wanted to shout it from the mountain top first, but something in you wanted him to say it first. Those butterflies in your stomach that wouldn't go away, the constant thought of him throughout your daily life. The way he made you laugh and knew you to a point where he could predict every feeling, action, or reaction of yours. The hours spent on the phone. The birthdays, holidays...meeting his family (&they absolutely loved you). The tingly feeling you'd get from hugging him or from his very touch.
Now answer me this: Did you have sex with this man? (Yes). Do you think you would feel the same way had you not had sex with this man? (Yes/No). Do you know any girlfriend of yours who has been in love, real love, and not had any sexual relations with the person? (I personally don't know any, however, God has led me to let go of a lot of purposeless relationships...and I'm constantly praying for sister…

The Eligible (Not Perfect) Man: Does He Measure Up?

No man will ever love you as much as Jesus. It. Just. Won't. Happen. So before you open a door, check his eligibility. Is he following after God? With ALL his heart? There is only one STANDARD & if that is not met, don't entertain what you think you want/what feels good. Focus on Him & not "him."

There are 2 kinds of men in this world.
1. Men Who Are Living For Jesus
2. Men Who Are Not Living For Jesus.
Yes, it really is that simple. Should you dare want to be with a man that is living for Jesus. You might ask, what's the difference? This right here is black and white. There are no gray areas, men fall into these 2 categories. You cannot have someone who is in between because you either ARE living for Jesus or you ARE NOT
A man who is living Jesus, he has a heart for God. He respects women & knows the worth women carry. Women were put on this earth FOR men and it is not the other way around. Women today accept SO SO little from men who are…

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