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Why I Wanted to Lose My Mind!

I never pictured myself in this predicament. I thought I was saved. I thought that the next time satan tried to dangle sin in my face, I would surely show him! But the thing is, I knew exactly what I was doing before I committed the crime. I knew better, I so did know better. So why didn't I do better? Maybe I wasn't totally "in" like I thought I was. Maybe I was weak, and my flesh had seemingly once again proved, "Girl, you can't be saved! Look at you! That was all you, not me!"

How many of us have thought those very things to ourselves?

It is truly remarkable when you reach that powerful revelation that there will be NO turning back. When you FINALLY get sick and tired of the devil using you and making a complete fool out of you. And it makes no difference to the devil. What we as Christians fail to realize is that the devil is real. So real. & He will use ANYONE&ANYTHING to get to you. Oh, you go to church every Sunday? So what! The devil do…

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