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Your Good Light

Ever wonder why certain people are attracted to you? I don't mean any physical attraction but they are just attracted to, maybe... your personality. Your attitude. Your way of thinking. Your strength. Your positivity. They are attracted to that "light" in you.

That light is Christ. 
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:16 [KJV]

How is your light looking? Is it shining bright as ever? Is it illuminating through your life, captivating others? Or is it slightly dim? Only bright when things are going your way and dark as ever when you become slumped under the foot of the world?
Jesus Christ did not come, die on the cross for our sins, for us to CHOOSE when to let "this little light of mine" SHINE. God never promised us gummy bears & rainbows in this life. God never promised us-EASY LIFE. Here is what His word did say:

"I have told you all this so that you may h…
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I'm Ready...But He's NOT.♥

"Lord, It is my prayer that through my transparency, one of your daughters is blessed, convicted, or encouraged in some way......Amen."

I sat thinking about relationships in my own life that I wanted to work but we were unequally yoked. After I got saved, I started to think and want differently. Maybe you walked into this with your boyfriend, but he's not serious enough for you. It's for the woman who can't yet shake that one relationship/person you know-it isn't right. Any woman who's ever felt this way about a man you love, "feel" you're suppose to marry, and want to spend the rest of your life with. But you just have no peace about him at all. PERIOD. You look for ways to justify his actions or lack of faith, and you just keep coming up empty. You want it to work out-I mean you REALLY want him to be God's best for you...but...he's...not.

A man has to be fully submitted to Christ in order to even begin to lead a woman. You don'…

"Dear God, I Want My Stuff!"

Have you ever found yourself saying or thinking......:"I want mines, God!" "I want my stuff!" 
It's give me this, give me that, bless me financially, bless me with this job, this new car- and all of that other foolishness. God is not interested in just handing you over everything you pray for. He's not some giver of everything you think you want & need. It gets tough because all you may hear in Sunday service is the preacher preaching more about your "breakthrough" coming, getting back all you lost & living comfortably...rather than truly changing your heart & loving God with everything in you, even when your circumstances shouldn't permit you to. When you give your life to Christ, it's not suppose to be a road filled with only roses & sunshine.
And that's a huge misconception among those who come to Christ. They're programmed to believe that as soon as they give their life to Christ: they are just going to get ever…

A Forgiving Heart

What hurt are you holding onto? Is it hurt from a relationship? Spouse? Friendship? Parent? Sibling? Did you know that it is completely possible to let go of the hurt and genuinely love [God's Love] the person that hurt you. How? Through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Let me ask you this: Do you really love God? Like truly, truly love Him? You do? Well you must know then that... ForgivenessiswhatGodcommandsofus. I know it may seem impossible, but you have to take the carnal eyes off, and let God show you. Especially in the area of relationships ! Maybe your ex really hurt you, & I'll never understand exactly what you went through, however, it still does not change God's command & expectation of us. Even if your best friend did you wrong, forgive, let it go, and love them as your brother/sister in Christ.
For me, I didn't want to go to hell because I knowingly chose [REFUSED] to not forgive a person that hurt me. I thought, How can I walk around claiming to …

Why I'll Never Date Another Man...

I haven't always done it God's way. And if I can be honest, I haven't always been too particularly fond of doing it God's way. This isn't to condemn you, [and I pray that if you're reading this, its your true desire to want to do it God's way] but to open your eyes to this very true, very real revelation: God's way is best, worth it, and the only way...
You may ask..."how do you know Gina, you're single!" Have I courted with a godly man? To answer your question no, I haven't. However, in spending time with God & His word, He has showed me some things concerning the area of dating/relationships. And I have had my fair share of dating as the world does. Now I have knowledge of a better way than what I was doing before.
When I look back at all my past relationships, I now understand, why I felt hurt & got my heart broken from many of them. It wasn't solely because I was crazy, insecure, overly-emotional, and a mess. It wasn…

So.. He Says He Wants To Marry You?

It can be the desire of some women to want to be MARRIED. Maybe it has rarely ever crossed your mind- but you're not totally against it. Maybe, you see sister so and so & her husband at church & wonder if that could ever be you...
Maybe you have this burning desire to be married and it just won't leave you alone. Or maybe, after a really bad just aren't interested in marriage ever.
Whatever your story is, you may have come across a guy or two, who's stated, "I want to marry you [someday]." or my personal favorite, "Wait, til' I make you my wife." Hey! Homeboy may have even got on one knee and popped the question to you...but you're still single, (not married)

'Then the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him." Genesis 2:18 NLT

I think back to a time where the guy said, "I can't wait to hear you say I do." Years after these …

Insane Relationships♥

For a moment, I want you to really think about all the relationships (past or present) that we (myself included) have put all this time and energy into. The relationships that are purposeless and have no real VALUE, yet we pour into them as if our very life depends on it. Have you ever heard of the word...INSANITY? It can be defined as extreme foolishness, irrationality; the most simple way to put it is:  INSANITY IS DOING THE EXACT SAME THING OVER & OVER...EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS.Insanity is most evident in...RELATIONSHIPS. Many of us run back to our past, what was comfortable & familiar, and we deal with the same things over and over and over...yet nothing changes. The relationship where he comes home late almost every night, you don't trust him at all & he doesn't trust you, where he sleeps around on you every now & then, you two break up & make up, he's an alcoholic, uses drugs, abuses you, uses you, manipulates you, steals from you...You might …

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